How it Works ?

How does Huqouq work?

Simplicity and ease of performance are the basis of the work of the website Huqouq. We have paid full attention to make the website easy to use for everyone without any complication, but we did not overlook all the details that would make your use of the website a distinguished and unique experience.

The idea of ​​Huqouq is based on two main parties, the first party is the client, and the second party is the lawyer who will fulfill the legal request for a financial fee. The client adds the request with all the required details and when the request is published on the website, it will be available within the list of open requests which appears only for the lawyers, not for the clients. The lawyers who want to work on this request will be able to add their offers, so that the owner of the request can finally choose the appropriate lawyer and then communicate with him continuously until the request is fully implemented as agreed upon between the two parties. This is Huqouq website in a nutshell.

Register on Huqouq Platform

It takes less than a minute to create your account on Huqouq. You can sign up via email. We try to make it as easy as possible.

Post a Case

Add the details of the request you want, and then publish the request and start receiving the offers of specialized lawyers for it.

Choose the appropriate offer

From the offers submitted for your request, choose the appropriate offer, then start the implementation phase and follow up with the lawyer you have chosen.

Executing the request

The lawyer you have chosen will work with you until the request is fully implemented as agreed between the two parties.