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The difference between hire a lawyer and Arranging Memo


Hire a lawyer:

The power of attorney of lawyer is a contract whereby the representative (lawyer) is committed to take a legal action on behalf of the authorizer (claimant or defendant) by attending the hearings and pleading before the courts and the competent authorities without the authorizer attending, except in some cases when the judge requests the attendance of the authorizer.


Arranging Memo:

It is sometimes called (Answer Memo, Response and Objection Memo, or Defense Memo). It is a written legal document used in various systems of legal disputes that include facts of the lawsuit, responses, objections, defenses and explanations which are presented to the court. The Memo is written to respond and refute the lawsuit whether from the defendant or the claimant until the parties of the case are satisfied with their statements supported by the evidences, so that the judge can issue his judgment based on the legal texts and evidences.

In this case, the lawyer or legal advisor prepares an answer Memo and the person himself (the claimant or defendant) submits and hands over it to the court, and follows up all the litigation procedures himself.

In the case of the power of attorney of lawyer, the lawyer must be registered in the register of practicing lawyers to fully perform his role by defending the authorizer. In case of Arranging Memo, it is not required that the legal person be registered, and not only the lawyer who can do this that a legal advisor or someone with legal experience in the field of your request can do it.

Certainly, the lawyer’s fees are higher because of the effort, authorizer representation, following-up all litigation procedures, and attending the hearings. But in the case of Arranging Memo, his role is limited to preparing the memo and delivering it to the customer only, and this will be done for simple fees.

As for preparing contracts drafting and legal consultations, both the lawyer and the legal adviser can do this, subject to the experience in the same required field.