Lawyers FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (Lawyers)

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With regard to the legal services provided by the lawyer to the client, an agreement is reached between both the client and the lawyer on the financial value of these services which must be mentioned in the final agreement concluded between them to implement the legal request.  Both parties also agree on the appropriate method of payment process for these services  and according to the terms of the agreement.

There is no minimum number of requests.

Yes, you can contact the owner of the request.

Yes,  you can amend the offer, provided that this is done before the client accepts the offer. But in case of accepting the offer by the client, you can not amend it without coordination with the request owner.

Unfortunately this is not allowed, and you can instead use the Business Gallery to add your  previous works  to your profile.

We hide the offers that are contrary to the website’s policy or that are not related  to the request  on which the offer was added .

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel the account or change the username at all in  Huqouq, even if the account is new