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Huqouq Guide (Lawyer Section)

Start your legal business with Huqouq

Huqouq website is the first platform in the world specialized in the field of legal services on the Internet which gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of your legal expertise and skills to achieve financial profit. On Huqouq website, you will find many requests that are added daily in different specialties, and you can always search for what suits your experiences and submit your offer.

Before you can submit your offers on Huqouq website, you need first to prepare your profile whether you are a person, office or legal company by going to the “Account Setup” page. On this page, you must enter all of your personal information.


Personal Profile

You should write an introductory profile that is characterized by leave and attractiveness at the same time. This profile has a significant impact on increasing your chances of choosing to fulfill the requests. You should use this section to introduce yourself by talking about your skills and experiences, but you should avoid exaggeration or talking about skills and experiences you do not own that this may lead to negative results.

After you finish adding all the previous details, then you will be ready to start submitting your offers to get the opportunity to carry out the required works. Through the main page of the website, you will find all the open requests, and you can take advantage of the filtering feature to find suitable requests for you.

In case you find a request commensurate with your capabilities and experiences, read its details well first before you submit your offer because you will be obligated to implement all of the details stated in it if you are chosen to do the work. Submission of the offer is very easy, all you have to do is to enter the request page and read its details well and then add your offer in the section designated for that. You can also inquire through direct communication with the client by using the messaging system provided by Huqouq website.

Do not try to set your offer to be the lowest price to attract the owner of the request to select you. You should know that the low price is not the primary criterion for selection, but it has negative results in many cases. The very low price may be a reason for not being chosen by the owner of the request, and even if you are chosen, you may later feel the futility of the work because the amount you will receive does not match the effort you will put in the implementation process.

The offer can be modified after it has been added and before you are chosen to implement the request. But, after you have been chosen, you will not be able to make any changes except if you get the approval from the owner of the request.

Once you have been chosen to implement a request, the request will move to the implementation stage, and you must then communicate with the owner of the request. Your communication with the owner of the request should be continuous and you should add each update immediately regarding the requests that you execute. Be careful to not exceed the delivery period without finishing the work because the owner of the request will then be able to cancel the request and evaluate you according to what he deems appropriate.

If you are chosen to implement the request, you and the owner of the request must agree and contract regarding all the details of the required work to preserve the rights of the contracting parties.