Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

How does Huqouq deal with the information you provide us with?

Huqouq is committed to ensuring your privacy when you visit our website and communicate with us electronically.

The client’s personal information will not appear to any lawyer until selecting the lawyer with whom he agreed to work, and thus the client can submit his request with complete freedom and confidentiality.


No legal liability

The user acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the nature of his use of the website Huqouq. The administration of the website Huqouq disclaims its full responsibility, to the maximum extent permitted by law, for any losses, damages, or expenses incurred by the user or any other party as a result of the use of the website or inability to use it.


Service outage, omissions and errors on the website Huqouq

The website administration does its best to keep the website working continuously without problems, although errors, omissions and service outage may occur at any time. In such cases, we expect the patience of the users until the service returns to its normal level.


User account, password, and information security

1-The User chooses a password for his account, and he will enter his own email address to message him through it. The responsibility of protecting this password and not sharing or publishing it falls on the user himself. In the event of any transactions using this password, the user will bear all the responsibilities resulting from that without any responsibility on Huqouq website.

The user bears the whole responsibility regarding any content he uploads and publishes through the website.

2-The user can not cancel his account on Huqouq by any means nor modify the username of his account, because the account is connected with financial matters and the rights of other users that can be referred to at any time.


Register on the website

Some parts of the website are only open to registered members after providing some personal information about themselves. When registering on the website, the user agrees that the information provided is complete and accurate, and he commits that he will not register on the website and will not attempt to enter it impersonating another user name and will not use a name that the website administration may deem inappropriate such as phone numbers, spoofed names of famous figures, websites links, incomprehensible names and the like.


Using and sharing information

 All information provided by users is treated with strict confidentiality and is not sold or shared with any third party who is not authorized to access it.

Cases of information usage:

1-Developing the services provided by the website and our company’s various services.

2-In case of contracting with a third party to develop the services we provide after the commitment of not sharing any information that conflicts with this privacy policy.

3-If we are legally bound by a court order to disclose any information.


Content control

Huqouq Administration reserves the right to monitor any content that the user enters without being obligated to do it, so that it reserves the right (without obligation) to delete, remove or edit any input material that might violates the terms and conditions of the website without consulting the user.

Local, international, and foreign copyright laws and international treaties protect all the contents of this website. By subscribing, the user, implicitly and explicitly, agrees to abide by the copyright notices appearing on the website pages.

This policy is subject to permanent change and development, and users should review these policies periodically.