Terms & Conditions

Huqouq website aims to create a safe legal platform to help lawyers find legal requests to execute and to help clients find highly experienced lawyers to carry out their various legal works. To achieve this, we kindly ask users to adhere to and understand the following conditions well. If you do not agree to any of the following conditions, please don’t use Huqouq website and don’t create an account on it. By entering this website and entering your personal information as required from you, and clicking on the word “Agree”, you will be bound and abide by the terms and conditions shown below.


The information provided by the user is correct

The user guarantees that all the information he adds to his account on the website Huqouq is completely correct, and the user bears full responsibility for any wrong information he adds.


Do not create more than one account

The user is obligated to not create more than one account on Huqouq website, and if he encounters a problem in his first account, he must follow up with Huqouq team to solve the problem.


Not more than one person using the same account on Huqouq website

The user registered on Huqouq website undertakes that he is the only one who uses the account and he is responsible for everything done through his account and currently it is not allowed for more than one person to use one account on Huqouq website.


User’s age is more than 18 years

The user registered on Huqouq website must be over 18 years old, and documents might be requested from him to prove that.


Request documentation before registering on Huqouq website

Huqouq may require personal documents such as ID or passport to prove the user’s identity before being allowed to complete using of the website.


Stopping the account and requesting documents.

Huqouq is a commercial website, so Huqouq team may suspend the account of any user who is suspected or in case of breaching the conditions. The website has also the right to request personal documents about the user that prove his identity to reactivate the account, as well as documents may be requested to verify his ownership of the PayPal account or credit card.


Violating the conditions and blocking the account

Huqouq has the right to block the accounts that violate the terms and conditions of the website or those which cause damage to the website or its users. This will be permanently without returning the user or alerting him.


Username and profile

The username must be a meaningful and not just symbols or numbers. It is forbidden to use any names that incite hatred and violence or to use any of the trademarks as username. It is allowed to use the names of companies or legal offices as a username and the user is obligated to write his real name in his personal profile, knowing that this name is not editable.

Personal Photo: The lawyer is obligated to put his true personal photo and not to put another photo, or promotional photos in his account. The personal profile must express the lawyer, his skills and his specializations in a concise manner. It is not permitted to add external means of communication or promotional phrases for other projects within the profile.


Huqouq website commission

Membership is free on the Huqouq website and there are no fees currently.


Dealing with the content

Huqouq has the right, without being obligated to, to delete or hide the offers or the requests that violate the terms of the website or those which cause harm to the website or its users. This will be done without returning to the customer.

Suspending accounts

1-The client tries to defraud the lawyer by requesting full work in the messages before hiring him.

2-The user causes any harm to any other user or to Huqouq website.

3-The lawyer not following up the work after starting it without a substantial reason in order to waste the time of the owner of the request.

4-The user impersonates another person on the website.

5-Uploading a personal photo of the account that is not the photo of the owner of the account himself, including the use of public personal photos.

6-The user creates more than one account and using them for any reason.


Interactions between users and preserving rights

Huqouq website is considered a safe platform that helps both the client and the lawyer to cooperate in an optimal way if they adhere to the conditions and if the agreement between them is completely clear from the beginning.

Your sharing of any personal information, bank details or other personal data with other users is at your personal responsibility, and this does not relate to any payment operations you make on the platform as it is 100% secure and is not considered data sharing.


Fees and services

With regard to the legal services provided by the lawyer to the client, an agreement is reached between both the client and the lawyer on the financial value of these services which must be mentioned in the final agreement concluded between them to implement the legal request. Both parties also agree on the appropriate method of payment between them for these services and according to the terms of the agreement.



Unless you get the approval of Huqouq, you cannot advertise for any external website or any product or any other services on Huqouq website.


Communicate with other users

Communication with other users on the website Huqouq should be done only through the communication channels provided by the website until it is agreed between the client and the lawyer to carry out the required work, then the parties can communicate with each other according to what they see appropriate.


Right to refuse service

We may lock, suspend or limit your access to your account on Huqouq website in the following cases:

1-If you violate the website’s conditions or if you do things that violate the website’s conditions.

2-If you violate the legal rights including the intellectual property rights.

3-If you have participated or you are still participating in fraudulent or illegal activities.

4-If you do not respond to the account verification requests.

5-If you do not complete the account verification within 3 months from the date of the request.

6-If you take any action that carries a risk of loss on the website or users.

7-For other reasons.


Canceling your account

You cannot cancel your account at huqouq.com.



The user is obligated to compensate the website Huqouq (and its employees, managers, agents and partners) against any claims including legal fees and costs due to us by a third party resulting from the user’s breach of the conditions of the website Huqouq or the user’s violation of the law or the third party rights.



Notifications will be sent to the email address you provided to Huqouq website during the registration process or to your account on the website.


General Provisions

We may amend the conditions and any other information by making these modifications to the website without notifying you personally.

The lawyer and the client must register on the website to be able to use the services.

We, Huqouq website, are not a party to any contracting process between the lawyer and the client, but we only facilitate the communication process between the two parties.

We may amend or add to the website from time to time without warning, but we don’t undertake to keep the website updated.

We have the right in Huqouq website to refuse registering any person or company -as a user.

While using the website, you cannot do the following:

1-Sending or distribution harmful email, viruses, or any other technical means that could harm the website Huqouq.

2-Copying, distributing and modifying the content from the website or the copyright and trademarks of the website Huqouq.

3-Collecting information about users, including their email addresses, without their consent.

We may retain some of your personal information to meet our regulatory requirements and external obligations.