Clients FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (Clients)

After registering on Huqouq, you must verify your account through the verification link which will be sent to the email you entered during the registration process, after which you can start working directly.

Membership in the website Huqouq is free. As for the legal services provided by the lawyer to the client, an agreement is reached between both the client and the lawyer on the financial value of these services which must be mentioned in the final agreement concluded between the lawyer and the client to implement the legal request. Both parties also agree on the appropriate way of the payment process between them regarding these services and according to the terms of the agreement.

After adding your request on Huqouq, the website’s support team reviews the request to ensure that it meets the website’s terms, then it will appear on the home page of all the competent lawyers.

You can browse the personal account of each lawyer to read about him and look at his previous evaluations by clients, and through his offer, you can choose what suits you.

You can amend the request as long as no lawyer has submitted his offer on it, but after submitting the lawyers ’offers, you cannot amend it except after agreement with the lawyer on that.

Yes, you can through the lawyer’s account page, click on the “Hire Me” button, then you can add the request that you want him to work on. You can also make the request available to the rest of the lawyers in the event that the lawyer you have chosen does not agree to work for any reason.

Yes, if you do not employ a lawyer, you can cancel it, knowing that there is a limited number of canceled requests, which is 3 every 30 days.After hiring a lawyer, the possibility of canceling the request is in agreement with him.

When any request is rejected, an alert is sent in your account containing instructions to amend the request to be accepted. You can amend the request directly and send it again for review instead of adding a new request.

You are allowed to add 3 requests within 30 days.

By hiring a lawyer through the button “Hire me” in his personal account, or when the lawyer submits an offer on your request, you can then communicate with him via messaging before hiring him.

Yes, you can do this and communication with each of them separately within Huqouq website.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel the account or change the username at all on Huqouq, even if the account is new.