Clients Guide

Huqouq Guide (Client Section)

Huqouq consists of three parties:

1-Huqouq website: It is a legal platform specialized in the legal field designed to be a communication platform between the lawyer and the client.

2-Lawyer: A person authorized by the legal system to assist justice.

3-Client: The right holder who has a certain value according to the law, and this value is either financial, literal or moral, provided that it must have legal protection.

There are a lot of business and transactions where you need a specialized lawyer in order to accomplish them whether in your business or in your private life, and you may face many difficulties to reach the appropriate person to get the job done.

On the other hand, there are many lawyers who work on their own account or through legal offices and companies and own the skills and expertise to carry out your request. Lawyers are specialized in different areas of law. Nevertheless, searching through traditional methods for a suitable lawyer to fulfill your request may not be easy.

Hence the role of Huqouq website which was creaed to be a center for all lawyers and clients to facilitate your mission in reaching a competent lawyer who can accomplish your work to the fullest extent. Through Huqouq website, it became easy because you can accomplish a lot of legal works in one place without trouble and at the best prices.


What is the website Huqouq?

Huqouq is the first website in the world specialized as a legal platform in the field of legal work.

“Huqouq” was launched with the aim of helping clients to facilitate the claim of rights and carry out the correct legal actions, while at the same time helping lawyers to use their expertise in various legal fields and achieve appropriate financial income through the Internet.

On the other hand, it saves clients a lot of time and effort, as well as it facilitates the process of choosing during their search for the right lawyers to accomplish the various tasks. In “Huqouq” website, you will find a lot of lawyers who are specialized in different legal fields. Thus, whatever the nature of the legal works that you wish to accomplish, through “Huqouq” website, you will find who is doing the required job. “Huqouq” platform is considered a safe haven for carrying out your legal requests that it acts as a mediator between the client and the lawyer until the work is fully implemented.


How does Huqouq work?

Simplicity and ease of performance are the basis of the work of the website huqouq. We have paid full attention to make the website easy to use for everyone without any complication, but we did not overlook all the details that would make your use of the website a distinguished and unique experience.

The idea of ​​Huqouq is based on two main parties, the first party is the client, and the second party is the lawyer who will fulfill the legal request for a financial fee. The client adds the request with all the required details and when the request is published on the website, it will be available within the list of open requests. The lawyers who want to work on this request will be able to add their offers, so that the owner of the request can finally choose the appropriate lawyer and then communicate with him continuously until the request is fully implemented as agreed upon between the two parties. This is Huqouq website in a nutshell.


Starting point

In this section, we will explain the mechanism of adding a new request on the website Huqouq. The matter is very simple and only needs to follow the required steps that we will talk about in details. To add a new request, click on the “POST A CASE” button at the top of the website to be directed directly to the page of adding a new request with some important advices.


Select your choice of Lawyer or prepare a Legal Defense Memo (Statement of Claim)

You must decide from the beginning whether you are looking for a lawyer to follow up on a specific legal request or if you are only looking for a lawyer to prepare Arranging Memo.


The difference between retaining a lawyer and preparing a legal defense memorandum:

Retaining a lawyer:

The power of attorney of lawyer is a contract whereby the representative (lawyer) is committed to take a legal action on behalf of the authorizer (claimant or defendant) by attending the hearings and pleading before the courts and the competent authorities without the authorizer attending, except in some cases when the judge requests the attendance of the authorizer.

Arranging Memo (Defense Memo):

It is sometimes called (Answer Memo, Response and Objection Memo, or Defense Memo). It is a written legal document used in various systems of legal disputes that include facts of the lawsuit, responses, objections, defenses and explanations which are presented to the court. The Memo is written to respond and refute the lawsuit whether from the defendant or the claimant until the parties of the case are satisfied with their statements supported by the evidences, so that the judge can issue his judgment based on the legal texts and evidences.

In this case, the lawyer or legal advisor prepares an answer Memo and the person himself (the claimant or defendant) submits and hands over it to the court, and follows up all the litigation procedures himself.

In the case of the power of attorney of lawyer, the lawyer must be registered in the register of practicing lawyers to fully perform his role by defending the authorizer. In case of Arranging Memo, it is not required that the legal person be registered, and not only the lawyer who can do this, that a legal advisor or someone with legal experience in the field of your request can do it.

Certainly, the lawyer’s fees are higher because of the effort, authorizer representation, following-up all litigation procedures, and attending the hearings. But in the case of Arranging Memo, his role is limited to preparing the memo and delivering it to the customer only, and this will be done for simple fees.

As for preparing contracts drafting and legal consultations, both the lawyer and the legal adviser can do this, subject to the experience in the same required field.

Request Title (Case Title)

 The title of the request (case) gives the first impression about its content to everyone who watches it, so that the title should indicate the content clearly because the lack of clarity of the title may lead to a lack of review of its details and consequently the loss of many offers.

Request Details (Case Details)

 This part is considered the most important when adding the request that it contains all the details which you want from the lawyer to accomplish in order to obtain an integrated work that meets your requirements. This part is considered as the introduction of the agreement between you and the lawyer whom you will choose later, as the two parties must abide by the details mentioned in the explanation of the request. You must write a full explanation of the required work to be understood well and to avoid any dispute later.

Upload Clarifying File

When the request is more detailed, it will lead to more understanding of the request and thus implement it optimally, so that it is good to take advantage of this feature available on the website Huqouq to attach a clarifying file to your request. If you want to request a lease contract lawsuit, you can then attach the lease contract of your lawsuit, and so on with all other requests. This option is not mandatory, but it has significant benefits, so do not overlook using it if possible.

Choosing the legal specialization of the lawyer

It requires a specialized lawyer with special skills to accomplish your request. This is very important as it helps in more understanding about the nature of your request and contributes to reduce the number of unwanted offers.
You can choose from the lawyers involved. There is no limit to the number of options, but you have to choose the legal skills, expertise and specializations accurately to not lose the distinguished offers.

Budgeting (This option is not mandatory)

When adding a new request, you have to specify the expected budget to accomplish the request. Your determination of this option should be logical and reasonable. It must be proportional to the workload and effort required to complete it.  Lawyers offers may be close to the budget that you specify to complete your request, and may be far off, as it is up to each lawyer’s discretion to make his bid.

Location of execution the request

You must specify the name of the country within which the legal request must be executed.  This feature helps you to receive offers from lawyers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the law applicable in this country.

The request is ready to be published

After you finish entering all the details of your request, all you have to do is to click on the “Submit” button. Your request will not appear immediately in the list of open requests because the quality assurance that we adhere to in Huqouq requires us to review all the details of the requests before publishing them in less than 24 hours. Once your request is approved, you will receive a notification in this regard and your request will appear on the main page of the website within the open list to the lawyers.

Receiving offers and the perfect choice

When adding your request on Huqouq website, you will receive a lot of offers by the lawyers who want to work with you. This is one of the features of the website where a big number of specialized lawyers are present. Receiving many offers provides a good opportunity to choose the right offer for you, but the selection process must be studied well in order to get the best results.
In this section, we will look at some important aspects related to receiving offers and choosing the best ones, as each of these aspects is important in the selection process.
1- The appropriate period for receiving offers
You can keep your request open for the period you see it is appropriate, and it is better not to leave the request open for a long time nor for a very short period, so that you can receive an appropriate number of offers.  If you see that you have received a good number of offers, and you believe that one of them can be chosen, then you can choose the right offer from them.

2- The preliminary study of the offer
When receiving any offer on your request, you must study it well and identify the strength and weaknesses points of each one. This process is so important for you to be able to make a final choice later.  An important way to get to know the lawyer and his ability to fulfill your request is to see his profile.

3- Choosing some alternatives
Through your initial study of the offer and review of each lawyer’s profile, you will exclude some offers that you think will not achieve what you aim for or that their owners are not qualified to complete your request according to your point of view. After you exclude those offers, you will still have some alternatives to subject them to further study before you make your final decision .

When you receive any offer, you will be able to message its owner, and you can benefit from this feature and communicate with the lawyers that you chose after the filtering process. Through this correspondence you can make sure that the lawyer has fully understood your request, and you can also negotiate with him regarding the budget, as the lawyer can amend his offer if you reach to an agreement with him about this.
You should not rely on the correspondence between you and the lawyer to prove your right to amend the agreement. If certain points were negotiated through messages, these points must be added to the lawyer’s offer and ensure that the amendments have already been made.

4- The final choice
After contacting the candidate lawyers, you will be ready to make your final choice. Make up your mind and choose the lawyer that you consider the best to carry out your request. Certainly, there are many criteria that you can use in your choice. If you find similarities between some of the lawyers in terms of experience and skill, then you can compare them in terms of budget or by any other criteria that you specify.

In the event that you do not find the appropriate lawyer, the website allows you to close the request without choosing any offer.

Direct selection
If you want to shorten the effort and time regarding the lawyer selection process, the website allows you to choose any lawyer you want directly. You can browse the list of lawyers by clicking on “Search For Lawyers” at the top of the website, and you can filter the list through the available options to get a short list for appropriate lawyers.
You can browse the personal accounts of the lawyers, and in the event that you want to choose a certain lawyer, you just have to click on the “Hire Me” button on the personal page of each lawyer, then you can add a request in the same way that we explained earlier. But this request will be sent only to the lawyer that you selected, and it will not appear in the list of open requests

In the event that the lawyer you have chosen agrees to work, he will be able to add his offer in the same mechanism used on the website, and you can accept the offer, or negotiate with the lawyer, or close the request in case of not reaching to a convenient agreement.

Implementation phase
Once the appropriate lawyer is chosen, your request will move from the stage of receiving offers to the stage of implementation.  This stage needs continuous monitoring and communication between the two parties, and it is a good idea to agree from the beginning on a specific timetable for the completion of your request.  During this phase, you should constantly work with your lawyer to ensure that the implementation is on the right track.

Request is completed
When the lawyer executes the request completely, he can then deliver it through the option designated for that, and after the lawyer does this procedure, you will receive an alert in this regard and the request will not be considered delivered unless you confirm the order with your approval. But if your request is an agreement with the lawyer by appointing him to be a defender regarding the required case, the lawyer must inform you of the lawsuit and obtain your approval before filing it in the court and proceeding with the due procedures until the end of the judicial procedures and obtaining the court ruling or ending the litigation, or according to your agreement with the lawyer.

After receiving the request in its final form, you can add your own evaluation of the lawyer, and you have to evaluate a number of different aspects. You can also write a comment with evaluation stating your personal opinion about the request and about Huqouq website.
Add your evaluation frankly, but at the same time you have to be honest. Each evaluation is of value to the lawyer and has a clear impact on the rate of work that the lawyer will receive later. Be bound not to write unethical words to avoid facing legal accountability.

Your rights are guaranteed
Guarantees are our priorities through the website Huqouq. We have put several measures that will preserve the rights of all parties, whether for the lawyer or the client.
A dispute may occur between the client and the lawyer, and if this happens, always try to resolve the matter amicably. As long as the request is still in the implementation phase, this means the lawyer has not received the money yet, and there is no reason for anxiety. Amicably solutions always lead to better results and save a lot of time and effort.